New Totolink product! Smart Home W-Fi System T10

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New Totolink product! Smart Home W-Fi System T10

Post autor: Lukas » 03 lip 2018, 16:17

In 2018 Totolink introduced a lot of new products including a new solution called Totolink T10 mesh.
T10 is available in a set (3 pcs) as well as it can be purchased in standalone version- one piece which functions of a typical Access Point.

smart mesh T10-box.jpg
smart mesh T10-box.jpg (37.24 KiB) Przejrzano 7258 razy

The whole system works in the 802.11AC wave2 standard, therefore we have performed T10 performance tests ... :mrgreen:

smart mesh schem1.jpg
smart mesh schem1.jpg (29.23 KiB) Przejrzano 7258 razy

As you can see the tests were carried out using the Mikrotik Btest tool and hEX S (RB760iGS) device, which has two cores at 880MHz and is a very efficient unit for our tests

The obtained results are very satisfying! Based on TCP packets, we obtained over 200mbit/s on a satellite 15 meters away from the main router...

smart mesh sat1.jpg
smart mesh sat1.jpg (201.29 KiB) Przejrzano 7258 razy

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What do you think ? Will this solution be adopted nowadays in smart homes? :?: :?: :?: