Can we buy an efficient AC1200 router at the price of a popular TP-Link N300?

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Can we buy an efficient AC1200 router at the price of a popular TP-Link N300?

Post autor: Lukas » 17 maja 2018, 15:26

A wireless router has become necessary, while the purchase of a suitable device is a problem... Companies offer huge number of routers operating in different ranges and with different functionalities.

But is it sure that the purchase of an efficient router which meets our basic but also sufficient needs must involve such costs? And whether by the amount of spent money will we certainly receive the expected performance, adequate to the price of the product?
In this article I’ll try to dispel all these doubts....

For our tests we’ve collected the most popular routers operating both in 802.11ac and 802.11n standards. All of these routers were compared in terms of range, performance, functionality and whether they are adequate for the aforementioned price...

comparison.jpg (580.81 KiB) Przejrzano 3795 razy

The tests were carried out with the help of the iperf tool, or rather its graphic overlay based on the JAva platform with the graceful name Jperf.

Our test bench looks like this:
a3 eng 1.png
a3 eng 1.png (235.11 KiB) Przejrzano 3795 razy
a3 eng 2.png
a3 eng 2.png (257.04 KiB) Przejrzano 3795 razy

All tests were performed based on TCP packets, with 1 and 5 data streams (sender <-> reciver).

Obtained results can be found here --> ... lity-price

We invite you to read and share your opinions.... angel