Finally! LTE equipment for building ISPs networks !

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Finally! LTE equipment for building ISPs networks !

Post autor: Gadzior » 24 sty 2019, 11:26

Mikrotik InterCell is a whole series of outdoor LTE solutions that allows you to build a complete network of LTE Base+Clients!!

The devices have 10W output so you can provide LTE coverage over a very large area.
In addition, the InterCell Series has two SFP ports, two 1Gb Ethernet ports, a built-in lightning protector, a 48V power supply and even EPC support!

In short, the Mikrotik InterCell series is a small base station supporting up to 192 LTE clients.

Below there's a complete specification of the MikroTik InterCell series:

Intercell Mikrotik.PNG
Intercell Mikrotik.PNG (190.31 KiB) Przejrzano 6962 razy

Dedicated client stations:

- wAP LTE kit :arrow:
- LtAP mini LTE kit :arrow:
- SXT LTE kit :arrow:
- LHG LTE kit :arrow:

Entire specification can be found on our B2B :arrow:

What do you think about this solution ?