Unifi AC Mesh and Cloud Key - Configuration guide

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Unifi AC Mesh and Cloud Key - Configuration guide

Post autor: Lukas » 20 mar 2018, 11:36

In connection with many inquiries from our clients about the configuration of UniFi MESH devices, we have prepared a short guide showing step by step how to properly build a MESH network :D

For this purpose we have prepared a small network based on Ubiquiti equipment:
diagram mesh.png
diagram mesh.png (118.63 KiB) Przejrzano 3701 razy
As I've mentioned before, configuration of devices with the help of UniFi CloudKey is very simple - everything is very intuitive...

The most important thing is probably only updating the software to the newest one and adapting the appropriate devices in turn and setting them accordingly.
1.png (156.59 KiB) Przejrzano 3699 razy
2.png (284.48 KiB) Przejrzano 3699 razy

The whole guide, describing the step-by-step configuration procedure can be found here - >> https://www.anteny24.com/ubiquiti-mesh- ... tion-guide