Amplifi-HD Unboxing and configuration (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

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Amplifi-HD Unboxing and configuration (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

Post autor: Lukas » 22 sty 2018, 13:56

Welcome again :)

Video tutorial showing the content of a AFI-HD set and its simple configuration.

It's not just the Wi-Fi Router, it's the entire Wi-Fi System. Amplifi is more than just a home router. It is a one-of-a-kind Wi-Fi system. Thanks to the extraordinary 802.11AC standard, AmpliFi uses radios that can configure themselves. It also uses advanced antenna technology so that the ubiquitous Wi-Fi range can be found in every home.

Configuration process is described step by step. This video shows how to quickly and easily connect the device and create a new network. More information about the product on our website ... przewodowe

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